Made To Order - Conscious Fashion

The Made-to-order fashion

We only produce by order and keep no inventory, resulting in less waste and excessive production.  

At oui love, we've decided to adopt a made-to-order buying model. A slower approach to design encourages a more considered approach to consumption.

Our clothing is trendless. We offer timeless looks with a contemporary edge, giving you closet diversity that will never go out of style.

"I want to fashion pieces that are timeless and beautiful but is also sustainable. We only have one planet." 

What does it mean for our customers ?
This means that garments are only produced after they have been ordered by a customer. 

Our clothing pieces take approximately 3-7 business days to make.

Our accessories pieces (Bags & Shoes)  will typically takes 2-4 weeks to make.

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping depends on where you are in the world (we produce and ship from Bali, Indonesia). Depending on your market, you can pay for quicker shipping.

INTERNATIONAL. Estimated delivery time: 5-15 business days after shipment.

Check our shipping page for more details 



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